Overcoming the Barriers for Building a Customer Focused Organization

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There is one thing I have realized while implementing a process effectively in an organization context. Despite our sincere desire and ambition to satisfy customers’ requirement and orienting our actions in a customer centric manner, we naturally incline at implementing our ideas, rather than satisfying the customer. We find it difficult to balance between outputs and outcomes and our general tendency shows the drive for output over outcome. Precisely, it becomes the same roundabout theme, where the performance as an organization receives priority over customers.

Barriers for Building a Customer Focused Organization

Quite naturally, this gap between intention and implementation reflects well in the results, amounting to the lack of quality and dissatisfied customer base. Overcoming this barrier is one of the prime requirements when it comes to establishing your organization as a customer focused one. Ultimately, it is the outcome and not output that will widens the path for an enterprise to reach to the top. In addition to this factor, another challenge that stops your organization from becoming customer focused one is the eagerness to optimize efficiency in a cost-effective manner. While from the organizational strategic perspective it is a good thing, on the other hand, the struggle to attain efficiency takes away the juice of personalized effort as per customers’ requirement. Finally, the organization, instead of becoming customer focused one, becomes more like service providers’ preference oriented and you lose your customers. It is more like having a restaurant where everyone gets to eat but none is satisfied with quality of the service catered.

Customer Focused Organization

It is important to find out how to set things right and become a customer focused organization by providing them what they want. There is no dearth of discussion on this very subject. If you are willing, then you can cite volumes of literature with various disciplines of explanation, addressing the subject.  However, I personally find it highly effective to address the problem at the basic level. This would give us a better way to figure out what customers want or what they prefer for purchasing. Planning out a course of action from the findings will provide us with a better way of taking the right steps in getting established as a customer focused organization. Finally, it is crucial to work hard and with sincerity with the objective of improving the organization as a customer focused one, instead of targeting sales finalization as the end of maintaining customer relationship. Maintaining healthy relationship with customers reflects the quality and overall philosophy of an organization, ensuring the delivery of the best service.

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