When you gotta do just do it! Stop trying!

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The company that I am currently working with, have undertaken a great initiative in promoting their Cultural Beliefs and Steps of Accountability under the banner that reads – “See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it”. All employees are mandated to follow the workshops that have been detailed on the company website. These two crucial company messages are spread throughout all employee levels with the end-in-mind to meet or exceed the company Key Results.

Among several cultural beliefs that are deeply rooted within our existence, one of the most conspicuous is “Results Matter – I know what great looks like and believe we will achieve it.” I remembered, while searching for the correct association with this belief through popular culture, a moment from the Star Wars II, where Luke Skywalker was having trouble levitating his fighter from the swamp and Yoda said, “Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.”


The result of doing is doing.

The result of not doing is not doing.

Finally, the result of trying is trying.

The recurrent use of ‘try’ in our language, mixed with the popular romantic connotation with it, stops people from going to the root of the word and examine the actual meaning of it.

Does trying mean planning for a failure?

Does trying imply being casual about your commitment to accomplish the objective?

Does trying tell you to invest all your resource and energy into achieving a target and not stopping till the destination is reached?

Does trying tell you to putting forward a half-hearted effort and shift your focus to something apparently more important, the first chance you get?

Let’s start examining the use of the word try. Many times we use it more often than we think. More importantly, think that what the word “try” meant to your own level of commitment.

Realize that trying is not enough. Trying does not reflect the level of commitment we are comfortable with. Trying is planning to try.

So, eliminate that word from your working vocabulary. It is only creating confusion in other people’s minds when we use it. But, most importantly, it is causing us to fool ourselves into believing that I could achieve the expectation I was setting.

Delivering on the crucial will surely be challenging for you as well as for the company. Let’s accept the fact and start planning with the delivery, rather than planning on trying the delivery. To make this happen, I don’t try anymore. I only do.

What do you do?

Image Credit: Wikimedia.org

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Monika Ardianto

Quality Management Consultant and Auditor at Monika Nonce Ardianto
Monika Ardianto is a Certified Quality/Operational Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience in improving quality management systems of large businesses. She is an award winning author of "Winning the Audit".

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